The World Bee by ClickVerse LLC
The World Bee Language Learning App

The World Language Learning App & Tournament

Learn language, spelling, audio pronunciation, and translation skills in multiple languages (Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, and English). You can use the language app for your own personal study or challenge yourself by competing against others in live online tournaments that test what you learned. Winners are measured by accuracy, speed, fluency, pronunciation, and knowledgebase.

All of The World Bee Study Partner apps are equipped with A.I.-based digital teachers that teach, test, and grade in 60-second increments. This process increases focus through repetitive re-enforcement and quickly places relevant information into short-term, mid-term, and long-term memory.

Click TRY IT! to see how it works and practice using the app for Mandarin Chinese. You can also click on the camera icons on the images below to watch video demonstrations of how it works.

Teach Me

To achieve language fluency and accuracy the app includes 6 study tools (Teach Me, Study, Cram It Teach, Flash Cards, Take It Review, and Clocker).


After using the study modes you can test your mastery of language with 5 testing methods including Type-In, Digital Worksheets, Cram It Take, Take It, and Printable Worksheets.

Digital & Printable Worksheets

Learn visual word recognition in association with correct audio pronunciation and spelling that you can take with you even when offline.